It is 2022, and the U.S. military has been out of Afghanistan for over a year. Dr. Curt Nover welcomes changes in his life, but the memories he's buried from combat grow increasingly powerful. Eventually, Curt, Smitty, and Buck realize their only recourse to confront these mental hellhounds is a trip back into the demon's lair, Afghanistan. Searching to find answers, former interpreters, and friends, the crew unknowingly become pawns of a corrupt U.S. government official's sinister profiteering plot, leveraging the Afghan opium market. Furious, the Taliban capture Curt and schedule his televised beheading; a lesson not to meddle in Afghan affairs. Smitty, Buck and others receive help from some unlikely characters, but is it too late? Do the demons that haunted Curt for years finally enact their revenge? Does Afghanistan consume the life of yet another U.S. serviceman?