While serving his country, Curt Nover witnessed enough violence to last a lifetime. As a military veteran, he wanted to heal others… and himself. Unfortunately, Nissassa Inc. has different plans. Curt would soon become an unwilling pawn in a game of life and death. The clock ticks as Curt races to thwart a World Leader’s imminent assassination, save his own life, and destroy those trying to kill him.

  • David ‘Bull’ Gurfein, CEO, United American Patriots
OUTSTANDING!! Finally, a peer-competitor to Tom Clancy... but one who actually served in combat environments as a member of our Armed Forces, i.e., this author wrote a realistic political/military thriller with the credibility to write it! Action packed, unique plot line, and an insight into the minds of those who’ve 'been there - done that.' Hopefully, this will be the first of many to come. Keep being Awesome, Colonel! '

‘Retired CIA Officer Review Below!’

  • Ramush Haradinaj, Former Prime Minister and Commander, Kosovo Liberation Army:
'Jeff's ability to present military life in literary form is a rare gift. He's one of the best.'
  • X.G., Brigadier General & Diplomatic Consul General (R): 
'...very much matching the current complex SOF and other military operations.'
  • J. M., Colonel(R), Special Forces, U.S. Army: 
‘He nailed the people, the personalities, the places, and the play of cultures that one encounters in a SOF career. Well done!'
  • F.H., CAPTAIN (R), U.S. Navy:
'... a master chef blending just the right amounts of literary ingredients to make a superb suspense novel.'
  • A. K., LtCol(R) Combat Pilot, U.S. Air Force:
'...Great military thriller with solid character development and a quick pace of action..... military background is obvious as his descriptions of C3I and battlefield ops are on point.’
  • K. A., LtCol(R) Senior Intelligence Officer, U.S. Air Force:
'Loved the overall storyline. The military references and humor were spot on! The more sobering points mentioned in the book hit close to home.'
  • L.A., LtCol(R) Combat Pilot U.S. Air Force: 
'...Potentially realistic military type operations are absolutely thrilling and presents itself as if you are reading a classified debrief from a Top Secret Vault.’
  • J. T., Combat Veteran, U.S. Navy: 
‘...written by someone with first-hand knowledge of the military industrial world.’
  • K.P., European Based CIA Officer (R):
Colonel -
It took a while. Or as my CIA Case Officer would have said "Nothing is easy." Straight to the point: Your book is the most impressive one I ever read in my life! (I was born in 1938.) And I have read many books, not only during twenty years of school and university education but also later during a very risky and bizarre life.
I learned my spy book very early as a student - writing my thesis in Nuclear Physics - by careful instruction of the STASI; my cover all my career long was Embargo trader, a job additionally financially quite rewarding.
Fortunately I was never confronted with any use of physical force, even rare KGB interrogations remained "friendly". But I learned the fear of death; as a child spending oodles of days in the "Luftschutzkeller," later as a double agent at dealings with the GRU.Fear of death - what a peculiar moment! Immediate instinct freezes all hysteria. Stay cool, act rationally! But afterwards, having survived, sitting in the airplane lifting off dangerous ground on its way home you never forget the feeling of exhale. A large portion of Johnny Walker Red enhances the relief.
What is really the special of your book "Live Range", which catapults you into the hall of fame?Noam Chomsky gives one part of the answer:
"The majority of the population doesn't understand what's really happening. And they don't even understand that they don't understand it."
There is a hidden world hardly ever accessible for historians - let alone ordinary citizens. In best case after decades or even centuries, if at all, comprehending the real motivations and actual courses of historical events with reference to politics and wars. By the way, these two are like Abel and Cain. Believe me, if a politician begins speaking about "Human Rights" or "Freedom and Democracy" you should leave the assembly hall promptly. Because in reality it is all about interests of states, interests in power and profit. In Western culture there are no non exploitative relationships.
Your hero Curt, is led astray by the highest level of his own government - like I (and my case officer as well!) was betrayed the same way participating at the Farewell Dossier project initiated then at that time by President Ronald Reagan during the first Cold War. The stories resemble each other.
You, dear admired friend, show a lot of courage, because your story sounds true to the bones, even considering some minor aesthetic variations and a few limitations by the authorities. (The Happy End at Chapter Sixty-Four I consider a concession to Hollywood in case of making a movie.)
Written in American English and in military slang that "Novel" proves paradoxically the author’s high sense for literary language. I am convinced that this often abrupt style of short communication with few limited words at last is not only contributing to the book’s success, but in the wide range to the success of American culture in common. Example: Anglicisms in German language have increased tremendously because of their convenience.
Your book has also given me high respect for the tough military world of war. As life long civilian I was with foolish hopefulness neglecting its influence and significance. I confess my juvenile illusion that I as a kid once marched at Easter protesting against atomic weapons and for worldwide disarmament.
There is a severe backlash having had all these thrilling adventures in my life:Having finished my active job due to the end of Cold War and the fall of the Iron Curtain, but also uncovered by internal treason - I was already prepared to offer forbidden goodies to the Iraq - I had a problem meeting "normal" people and trust them. Almost three decades of at first principally mistrusting each and every one had destroyed a significant quality of my humanity. I guess on a soldier this phenomenon is called Post Traumatic Syndrome. I suffered severely; and it took almost ten years to trust people again, in my family, in my neighborhood, among friends. As per today still not totally sufficiently. Well, such is life.
Let me finish with a quotation of one of my favorite authors, Oscar Wilde:
There are dreadful temptations, and it needs strength, strength and courage, to submit to them.
Your book was a very rare gift to me. Thank YouKP