Russian Puppeteer Book Cover, Jeffrey H. Fischer, Author



This fiction thriller is based on events experienced first hand by the author while serving as a senior U.S. military diplomat and special forces officer assigned in Europe.
Final editor comments on Russian Puppeteer:

- "Unbelievable insights into the dark side of US / Russia diplomacy!"

- "Excellent breakdown of modern air warfare for the common reader. My jaw dropped at how cool all this was."

- "Hands down my favorite in the series. And I loved them ALL!"

Foreword by GEN (R) Breedlove. "As the Supreme Allied Commander of NATO from 2013 to 1016, I was challenged firsthand by the political, diplomatic, and military aspects of Russia’s illegal invasions into Ukraine. Prior to the invasion I had engaged with the Russian Chief of Defense as well as a handful of senior Russian diplomats and politicians. What we saw in the first two invasions of Ukraine in Crimea and the Donbass, was stunning. I’ve just finished reading Russian Puppeteer… there are few books, non-fiction or other, that better capture the essence and underlying dynamics of Russia and the Ukraine War."

"As war in Ukraine rages, Russian agents launch a series of devastating covert missions against the United States, including the assassination of U.S. Vice President Banks. As Moscow expects, Washington D.C. devolves into chaos. Unbeknownst to Russia, however, Dr. Curt Nover and retired Admiral Hershey have plans of their own. The bell rings, setting the stage for an epic political, diplomatic and military battle on the world stage. The outcome? It is far from certain."